The Tata Story

"Living with Values"


Just as an individual is defined by his or her Identity, an organization is defined by its culture. And like identity, there are many dimensions to culture. How it forms, how it governs its members, its resistance to change, its space – time perspective, the sub-cultures and how they interact with the super structure, the external environment and other sub-cultures. The list is almost endless.

It is known that organizations that survive the erosions of time and prosper; do so because of their strong Value based Cultures.

The world over and more importantly in today’s India, this Value based Culture is becoming rare and thereby increasing in importance. It is now the single most important Asset for the Tata Group.

“The Tata Story” is a two day seminar on this unique Tata Culture.

  • The seminar explores the origins of this Value based Culture.
  • It uses management tools from leading world thinkers to understand Organizational Culture and how it yields best results for a corporate.
  • Against these management concepts, Tata is analyzed with live case studies from the Group.
  • Benchmark corporate cultures are explained.
  • Leadership models from the Tata group are examined.
  • Philosophies governing the Group’s workings are discussed.
  • And finally, participants are led to draw up personal charts of Value based Activities for implementation after the seminar, in their respective work places. These personal commitments are presented to a senior executive, preferably MD, CEO, President or VP, at the closing of the seminar.

The methodology is participative learning through case studies, group discussions, presentations and experience sharing, besides the core lectures.