Gautam Mukerjee
Sushweta Chakraborty




Gautam has worn 2 hats – Corporate Management & Teaching/Training – for over 3 decades. This is a unique quality as too often academic oriented Trainers/Facilitators miss the many dimensions that a Leader / Manager faces in the work place.

He has enormous International work exposure which is essential in today’s globalised scenario.

Having been trained in the very best institutions in the world, he as a voracious reader, makes it a point to keep up with latest cutting edge developments.

He has the ability to breakdown complex concepts into "jargon free" teachings for maximum learning impact, linked to practical application in daily life.

As a keen and intimately committed student of Consciousness, Spirituality and Energy Healing Practices, Sushweta’s sessions will focus on resolving issues leading to desired outcomes with the aid of some tools and techniques.