The shift in paradigm of “what makes a company successful” between the 20th & 21st centuries.


Creating the 21st century Leader

All managers must become leaders as per the needs of the changing paradigm.

The Crucible Workshop is about helping managers make that change from within by connecting with the
3 kinds of intelligences : IQ, EQ & SQ


Understanding the Self

Knowing. the Genome and what it signifies to our self knowledge − Who am I? Understanding how my personality has formed layer by layer since the womb. − What are my strengths and weaknesses? − What are my needs?


Understanding the Self’s interface with Others

How do I feel, think and act in a situation? Emotional Intelligence − How do I connect with my emotions, how can I self-regulate my emotions ? − How do I interact with others? − How do I remove emotional obstacles that may be holding up my progress ?



How do I focus and remain aware of my mental models and emotions Body, Mind & Spirit connect − How do I stay in the Flow to give my best − Expanding the consciousness to improve cognitive, creative and intuitive levels − What elements create positivity from deep within? − Improving the Immune system / Unleashing the natural healing power from within

Creating goals that are meaningful and add value to home, workplace and community.


Importance of accessing my Consciousness and Spiritual Intelligence

The new Neuroscience, Genomics and Consciousness findings – case study from ancient India – Emotional tools that generate positive charge to the brain leading to reduced stress, better Immune System, improvements in Cognitive, Creative and Intuitive skills


Identifying my Purpose in Life

 Knowing the Goals --- their prioritisation – how to Lead the Self


Leadership traits that differentiate

Seeing the Big Picture – Innovation & Change

Living life to the full and beyond the known potential - Identifying the simple tools that make this attainable.



Readings in advance − Case studies, analysis, group presentations − Individual exercises − Lectures with PPT − Film clips − Experiential learning − Guided Meditations – Removing non productive set patterns & empowerment through simple & effective tools.

The curriculum is designed to “engage” each participant with total involvement.



 On Self and Self vis-à-vis Others − Genome & Consciousness:

The Upanishads, Francis Crick, Christof Koch, A.K. Mukhopadhyay, Riccardo Sabatini, Carl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli

Personality : Erik Erikson, Howard Gardner, Abraham Maslow, Karen Horney

Mind and Immune System : Robert Ader

Emotional Intelligence : Daniel Goleman, (Harvard), Louise Evans

Mindfulness: Jon Kabat-Zinn (Professor University of Massachusetts Medical School), Ellen Langer (Professor Harvard University)

Goals & Performance : Judson Brewer (Professor Yale) – Harvard Study on Goals

The Big Picture – McKinsey Quarterly

Innovation – ISRO Mars Case study

Mind, Body, Spirit connect :  Ken Wilber, Jean Houston, Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) − Case study from the Mahabharata

On Brain : Rudolph Tanzi (Harvard Neurologist) − Dr Bindu Kutty (Head Neurophysiology, NIMHANS)