The India Story

"Ancient Indian Wisdom in Modern Management Today"

  • The Wisdom of the Ages

Anandini Foundation loves antiquity when it has relevance in modernity, because this raises the value to heights that the erosion of time cannot touch. Antiquity then becomes for “The Ages” and must be honoured through analysis and acceptance into our everyday existence.

The Aspen Institute’s Leadership Seminars used the “Wisdom of the Ages” from all countries.

Physicist and Philosopher Ken Wilber combines the “Wisdom of the Ages” with Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory to build a new paradigm that breaks away from the earlier Cartesian mechanistic world. Using the Holon concept of Arthur Koestler as the platform and the Supra-Consciousness of Sri Aurobindo as the pinnacle, Ken Wilber lets us see what the future will look like.


  • The Indian Identity

A highly successful Indo-Japanese partnership Hero Honda was breaking up with each going their own way. Yesterday’s collaborators would be tomorrow’s competitors.

In these uncertain times, the local promoters were keen to reinstate their Indian identity as a tool for building confidence in the management team  that was scared of a future without Japanese big brother.

Anandini Foundation was asked to create a programme where our Indianness is treasured.

The Genome project has revealed that our genetic code is built up of the chemical hardware and the cultural software of our past. Anandini Foundation took the 3 most powerful ideas from India’s cultural past for building the Indian identity with applicability in today’s work environment.



Imagine a day in the future 2000 years from now. A historian, an anthropologist and a psychologist are studying the Indian sub-continent. Their task is to select just 3 elements from the past. The 3 must be the best of the best.

What would they choose ?

The Indian wisdom in modern management today would have to meet this stringent condition, not just in the 21st century but even in the 41st century.

Our curriculum kept this in mind and chose

  • The Creation Hymn (Nasadiya Sukta) from the Rig Veda
  • The Gayatri Mantra
  • The Gita

A day long programme brought these three to the modern work and family life and built an inner identity of India.

We connected each of the 3 with critical functions in today’s family and work lives and showed how their importance has magnified because of the greater challenges facing us now.

We correlated their philosophies with modern science and brought home the overlaps.

Truly they are timeless gems of wisdom.


Gautam Mukerjee